Customized Banners

Banners are the key piece in a campaign since they are the gate that leads the user back to the site.

For this, we have a specialized creative team, responsible for customizing the banner layouts, extracting the maximum information from your site’s visual identity, as well as offering countless options of effects and information to be added, such as colours and fonts, discount labels, instalments, prices with “was/now” and “starting at” tags, among several other options.

We offer dynamic and static banners

Standardized in IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau) formats, such as the medium rectangle (300×250), the Leaderboard (728×90), the smartphone banner (320×50), the billboard (970×250)

Dynamic banners

Are those with product recommendations based on the user’s navigation within the partner site, i.e., they show products based on what the user has visited and their perceived interests in general. Static banners, on the other hand, present fixed images and are ideal for promotional events, such as Consumer’s Day, a new collection, and free shipping.