Our services

We guarantee an effective retargeting service
with a high conversion rate

We analyze the users at
two different points in time

Our clients’ website.

As they browse the web, through the brand’s banners.

Thus, we are able to identify, still on the client’s site, who are the valuable users that leave without buying, and then, browsing the web, we analyze what is the best moment to show our clients to the user.

To accomplish all this, we install tags (sets of code) on our partners’ pages, triggered as users navigate – from home to conversion.

From this we feed our artificial intelligence that assembles the behavior and interest patterns of these users, one by one, so we know what to show them while they browse the web. Then, while browsing, we perform print tests at key moments, with low sample frequency to avoid disturbing the user. That is how we know when they are willing to interact. The artificial intelligence, which already had the user’s buying interests, now knows the right time to show them banners, giving us more interaction, ensuring a higher conversion rate.

To have even more impact

Our banners are fully customizable, according to the visual identity of each client, but designed and optimized at all times to draw even more attention and bring better results.


What is it? And what is it used for?

Retargeting would be a re-engagement. Taking this as a basis and applying it to the reality of our service, retargeting is about identifying users who have already visited a particular website, and then displaying advertising for the brand visited while that user browses the web. This aims to get him to return to the website and convert.

The types of conversion covered include the actual sale of a product, as in traditional retail, or even lead generation for a service, starting from the submission of a user’s data through a form.

Big brands use retargeting to increase their conversion rate and display precisely targeted messages that encourage users to return to their website and convert.